Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learning to Crochet

I know that I haven't posted lately but I have been busy teaching myself how to crochet.  Like I need another fiber hobby but I can't help myself.  I just love to learn.  I have always wanted to learn how to crochet.   I thought about taking a class but I get frustrated when they don't move at my pace.   Once I get something I want to move on and my impatient mind hates to be told what to do.  Yes, I know I should be patient but I am not.  ( I get this from my father's side)  My mother says I have been impatient since birth.  I laugh and it is now a family joke.

My mother-in-law tried to teach me how to do a granny square during her last visit and I simply could not grasp the concept.   Too many in's and out's.  I was lost.  Anyway, my aunt was down for Easter and she gave me a quick tutorial.  She started to crochet a few months ago.  She is great!  Just like me we learn something and want to move on (She is my father's sister)  So, she left me with my yarn and hook.  When I got home I practiced and practiced.  I even bought crocheting for dummies. (my first dummies book ever) and I got it!

Now I am still a beginner and I have no idea how to read charts yet but I am progressing.  I am so proud of myself.   Wish me luck on my new obsession!

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