Monday, July 26, 2010

I've Been Busy

lately.  My husbands family flew in for a 2 week vacation at the Jersey Shore and we were so happy they were here.  We had such a good time!   We were unable to see them last Christmas so this visit was long overdue.  The house was packed but we managed quite well.   We watched old family pictures, played games and relaxed.

 Now back to reality!  I added a few new colors to my elephant line.  I just love these elephants!

I also added a rattle to my store.  I think he came out well!   I knit him with 100% cotton so he can go in the tub and be machine washed and dried.   I would like to add a few more rattles to my collection.  The possibilites are endless.

Time seems to be my problem these days.  Where to find the time?? I have been scatter brained these days.  Hopping from pne project to another without finishing a thing.  I am still working on my crocheting and loving it.  I taught myself the HDC and the DC and the tremble crochet.  So much to learn so little time.

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