Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project Keeper

Back in the day I worked on one project all the way to the end never having more than one going at a time.  However, I have become one of those knitters who is working on several projects all at once.    These projects are scattered all around my house and it drives my husband crazy.   There is yarn on the floor, on the couch, by my computer, in the living room, in the bedroom and in our spare bedrooms upstairs.  Simply, it's everywhere and no matter how many hours I spend neatening up around here it never seems to improve.  

So, yesterday on my weekly outing to several charity shops I came across these "Tidy Totes."   These little gems are supposed to help mothers clean out their cars and bring items in the house all at once.  I bought them not knowing what I would do with them.   

I have been eyeing the project keepers from Namaste but the price kept me from purchasing them.  $14.99 for 3 and they really are not that big.

As you can see these totes are a better value at $4.98 for 4 and they work like a dream!  They close neatly, can hold at least 10+ skeins of yarn, the notions needed for each project and the mesh is small enough that the needles and hooks do NOT fall through!  I set mine up for one project per tote along with the necessary notions to work on each project.  No more searching through my knitting bag looking or the correct needle.  No more weeding through the yarn stash for all the skeins needed for the project.  Everything is right there in the bag - grab it and go!  

So, as a knitter this seems to be a perfect solution to my project debacle.   Get these they are so worth the money.   They are husband friendly too!

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