Friday, March 4, 2011

Last night I learned how to jog..

Jog in knitting that is.   Just a little trick that I picked up from a book last evening and I thought I would share.

When you are knitting stripes and it's time to change colors I am sure that you noticed that they colors do not always line up perfectly when knitting in the round.  I find that rather annoying and unsightly being the perfectionist that I am.

So, here is how you "jog"-

change colors and knit until the first stitch in the color change.  Pick up that stitch and the stitch below and knit them together (K2tog)  By knitting these 2 stitched together it levels out the color change and all the colors line up properly.

So for example,

I am knitting in RED and I want to change to Blue.  I change to blue like normal.  Once I have completed one round and just before I knit that second row of Blue, pick up the blue stitch you started your color change in and also the red stitch from the row below.  Knit the red and blue stitches together using blue.

Voila!  A perfectly lined up color change...

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