Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Announcing 3 New Toys!

Gosh I have been so busy lately which is a good thing I guess!   Announcing my new Knit Elephant design today!  I have to say that it took me longer than I thought to make this pattern.  There is so much trial and error with designing but I do love every step and every frog!  Aren't they adorable!

Puppy toy!   This puppy actually started out as a request from a WONDERFUL customer.  This was my  introduction to the world of Waldorf toys.   Waldorf toys are simple and void of all facial expressions (yes, I left the face off on purpose) because they want the children to use their imagination when making up their stories.    More on this topic later.

I can always add a face if you prefer.  I knit these with recycled yarn.  This one was knit with so soft merino wool!!  Lightly stuffed for that squishy cuddly feel.  Many colors available.

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