Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

The presents have been given, the orders have all been filled and my shop is on a much needed vacation.  ahhhhh...

It goes without saying that knitters are busy from September till December for the Holiday rush.  This year is no exception.  First I want to thank all of my wonderful, fabulous customers for a successful 2012.  I enjoyed every convo and every stitch.  Your creativity is always inspiring.      

And when I finished my first thought was what am I going to knit next?  What can I say.  I have issues.  So, I had a little conversation with my self and decided not to pick up my needles.  Instead I whipped out a few of my recent knitting mags and read about knitting.

I said  to my dear hubby last night, as I tied in my last end and attached my last button, you can really tell how much I LOVE my job as I have literally been knitting 12-16 hours a day since September. Seriously..I am not kidding... 

However, after I did some much needed housework, I looked at the zillion projects I discovered on Ravelry and decided to make myself a pair of socks..  ankle socks to be exact.  

Pattern from Purlbee here

I bought a few (lmao) skeins from Jimmy Beans both of which I have not yet tried.

      ~ Swan Island 100% organic merino  Color : Garnet
      ~ Wolf Creek Wools Panda 60% Superwash Merino 30% Bamboo 10% Nylon.  
            Color  Nassau

Now it's time to knit...

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