Monday, January 7, 2013

House Socks

This weekend I decided to make a pair of house socks for hubby, after all he has been so patient with my knitting mess.  I enjoy knitting for him but I wish he liked another color other than black.   Black is just boring.  How about gray or blue? Nope!  So, I told him that I am thinking about adding a strip of color in his next pair of socks to break up the monotony.  He was not so pleased with my suggestion of hot pink.  lol.

Since I am relatively new to knitting socks, I chose a pair with a new way of turning a heel and a new toe technique.  The heel was knit in garter stitch and turned using short rows.  I have turned heels with short rows but the pattern seemed to be written in a new way which, at first was confusing.  Thankfully, I only had to frog it once.

 It went like this
Garter Stitch Heel

Knit 19 sts w&t
Knit 18 sts w&t
Knit 17 sts w&t
And so on

I prefer,

Knit to 2nd sts w&t
Purl to 2nd sts w&t
Knit to 3rd sts w&t
Purl to 3rd sts w&t

It's really the same heel, other than working it in garter sts, but I managed to over complicate it!

The toe I method really didn't like.

k2, K2tog
rows 2-7 knit
row8 K2, K2tog etc...
then gather the last 6 sts, thread yarn through and pull tight.

Uh not for me.  Honestly, it felt really weird when I had the sock on.  It felt gathered at the toe.  However, I am really glad that I gave this method a go because I learned something.  I learned that I didn't like it & therefore time well spent!  So, now I know when a sock calls for this method of toe shaping to ignore it and use my preferred method.

Ravelry Pattern Link:   Here

Pattern Details:
Quickie Socks by Susan Lawrence which can also be found in "The Joy of Sox"

The Joy of Sox: 30+ must-knit designs

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