Friday, January 4, 2013

KnerdShop: Knitting + Nerd = Me

The most PERFECT knitting bag for me..  I mean Knerd.  Knitting + Nerd = ME.  My friends all call me a nerd and I still don't know why.  I am not a genius, I don't wear glasses, I never had braces... No pocket protector.  However, I have learned to love this word nerd and I now find it endearing.

So, back to the bag.  I discovered the KnerdShop by chance roaming around etsy on day.   I hearted it but it was haunting me..  I had to have it.  So I did.  I also bought the bumper sticker as well (pictured above).  I am not really a bumper sticker person but I think this one is so perfect that I may have to slap it on my car window.

The bag is really sturdy and a perfect size for me.  It can fit a small - medium size project, I can sling it over my shoulder,  the color is great and it's a great price $22!!!  Shipping was super fast, too!

I have a ton of knitting bags from affordable to outright too much!  This one is now my favorite.  It doesn't have a million pockets which I always thought would be handy.  They aren't, for me, at least.  I can never remember where I put stuff and checking a million pockets is annoying.

The KnerdShop also has other great knitting Knerd things from Beer Koozies to stickers.  Stop by,  get the bag... or something else.  Support handmade.  Knit on fellow Knerds!

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