Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Tuesday: Custom Tissue Paper

I am always looking for inspiration for packaging my knit goodies.  It has to be beautiful, functional and cost effective.  So, one day whilst surfing the web for custom tissue paper I thought of making my own instead.

Ball of Yarn - Hand Carved Rubber StampThere are so many talented stamp makers on etsy and I have been eyeing one in particular for a while now.  This was the perfect time to get it!  It's from hoffeeandanuffin.  I also picked up a "thank you" stamp from my local craft store.

To get started you will need:

  • A stamp or 2 (I use a "thank you"stamp too)
  • Ink pad
  • White tissue paper 

Then, I randomly stamp each piece of tissue paper with the 2 stamps.  I know it's a bit of work but SOOOOO worth it.  It adds yet another level of Handmade.

I love this because not only is this personalized paper but it's completely customizable.    For example I use a knit Christmas stocking stamp & a Happy Holidays stamp during the Holiday Season,  change the ink color to red for Valentines's Day or green for St Patricks's Day.  The possibilities are endless.

So, have some fun and play around with different stamps and ink colors.  Craft on my fellow Etsians or craft people.

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