Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jumping for Joy...

I just got an email from Disney Baby.  They have decided to featured my Knit Easter Bunnies on their site!  So, as you can imagine,  I am jumping for joy!

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Handmade & DIY Easter: Plush Cotton & Soft Wooden Toys for Baby's 1st Easter

There’s just something about Easter that beckons to handmade outfits and toys. I remember as a little girl receiving a new outfit that my mom had sewn and a special, heirloom-worthy toy to treasure for years. (As well as the chocolate. Oh, the chocolate.)
Since giving little babies chocolate (but you will let your toddlers have wee tast, won’t you?) and candy probably isn’t a good idea, what else are we to do besides bestow upon them something warm, something soft, something unique and lovely?
Made with love by you or one of the featured artisan’s in this round-up, I am sure you’ll find something perfect for your own little one’s 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd, or…) Easter!

Something for everyone...

Whether you are an avid crafter or simply a lover of the quality and beauty that comes with buying handmade – this round-up is for you!

DIY: Bunny Hand Puppets

A quick little project that you can whip off for all ages of babies and toddlers to enjoy!
Get the easy tutorial via The Purl Bee

Wooden Camera Inspired by Instagram

Beautifully designed and handmade from sustainable wood, cork, and leather, I love the nostalgic appeal this toy has. IG lovers (addicted?) rejoice.
Find it via Twig Creative

DIY: Pet Bunny Pillows

Really cute and really easy! Great for all ages as you can see.
Get the simple tutorial via Go Make Me

Heirloom Cloth Doll...

Without the price-tag! Choose your own fabrics, skin hue, hair colour and style – you name it. Love the detailing on these beauties and the outfits!
Custom order your own via Kra Kra Craft

DIY: Amigurumi Crochet Native Dollie

For those who can do this style of crochet – have fun! I ADORE this doll and wish I could make this!
Get the pattern via Eureeka’s Window

Linen Bunny

Choose your own! Lovely characterization and detailing on these cuties.
Choose one via Kra Kra Craft

DIY: Fuzzy Easter Chicks & Mini Eggs

Make these sweet collectibles for your little ones to pul out and enjoy year after year! (I like putting away special holiday themed toys and taking them back out to enjoy during that special time!)
Get the knitting patterns and tutorials via The Purl Bee

Hand Embroidered Rag Doll (& Co.)

I had to include this picture of‘Molly Dolly Tamsin Tangerine’,with her friends. The listing doesn’t include them all, but I’m such a fan of this artisan’s work! Any one of her cloth creations would be a lovely choice for Easter!
Give one a home via Jess Quinn Small Art

DIY: Linen Bunnies

Soft, simple and sweet – the perfect gift to make your little newborn for their 1st Easter!
Get the easy tutorial via Finley & Oliver

Easter Chick

This felt mini soft sculpture, had me at hello!
Choose your own via Jess Quinn Small Art

DIY: Bunny Goodie Bags

So cute! Put some home-made treats or a game in here and watch their faces light up with joy.
Get the simple tutorial viaProbably Actually

Organic Jersey Cotton Bear

This lavender and poly filled comfort toy would make a lovely sleep-time pal.
Find one via Moon &Sparrow

DIY: Felt Fuit Set

A great project for beginners, wait till you see the other PDF tutes and kits available in this shop! You will find yourself drooling over fruit food and adorable play scenes.
Get the PDF pattern and instructions via Fairy Fox

2013 Easter Egg Teether Toy (Personalized)

Made of maple wood, this sweet little teether can also be made as a shaker (just convo the seller), and makes the perfect addition to any Easter basket!
Find it via Little Alouette

Carlos The Bear

This dapper, starry eyed dreamer hails all the way from Germany and I am seriously in L O V E.
Custom order your own viaMarina R of Brush Blues

DIY: Cloth Vegetables

So unique! Oh my word, who would ever thought that rutabagas and eggplant could look so darling? Great for grasping and little mouths to gnaw on, as well as kitchen / garden role-play for older babies and toddlers!
Get the patterns and instructions via Twisted Yarn’s feature on Sew Hip

Felted Wool Jingle Ball

This chick! So cute! Little ones love balls, especially those that jingle and are as adorable and tactile as these.
Order your own via Asher Jasper

DIY: Big Cuddly Bunny

I’ve shared this one before and I want to make it SO BAD, but I have yet to hone in on my knitting skills to be able to make this. You however, dear reader – may have just the skills needed!
Get the knitting pattern and instructions via The Purl Bee

Rainbow Plushie

This cute and cuddly felt rainbow is so charming and would make the perfect addition to your wee ones collection this time of year. Bring on the spring!
Find it via The Rainbow Room

DIY: Betsy & Basil Bunny Softies

Cute little heffers! Cute little heffers!
Get the PDF sewing pattern viaRetro Mama

Wooden Heritage Easter Eggs

They look real, right? This set of eco-friendly Waldorf inspired toys are great for all ages!
Choose your own set viaImagination Kids

One for The Boys..

Or the girls, whatever. I firmly believe that little ones should be encouraged away from ‘gender-specific type toys’. (What is that even?) This little fella is so dapper!
Get the PDF sewing pattern viaRetro Mama

Decisions, Decisions

So many gorgeous and fun Easter woolies to choose from! Ack!
Choose your own via Asher Jasper

DIY: Big White Rabbit!

Big enough for a full body cuddle fest, fitting perfectly under a tot’s arm to take along to tea-parties and car races.
Get the pattern via Emily Ivey on Ravelry

Coco the Plush Woodland Bunny

Choose your own style of bunny, there are so many adorable ones to choose from in this shop!
Make one your own via Sleepy King

DIY: Marshmallow Peeps!

I know, I know. Amazing. (And so easy to make!)
Get the tutorial via Dandelions and Lace

Wooden Easter Bunny Toy

Meet Bonnie, (my sister’s name!) all ready to zoom around for some fun!
Find her via Imagination Kids

DIY: Fat Birdy

This is an instant Download for a crochet pattern and promises instant kisses and cuddles for Easter!
Get the PDF pattern via Mama Chee

Knit White Easter Bunny

Plump and cozy! Featuring vintage fabrics and embroidery detailing, with an adorable pom-pom tail!
Choose your own via Precious Knits

Fox Rattle

Made of organic wood, this soft, smooth baby rattle and teether makes the perfect gift for tender little hands and mouths.
Choose your own via Manzanita Kids

DIY: Plump Linen Bunnies & Co.

Choose from any one of these adorable, soft and natural Easter plushies or make them a few!
Get the video tutorial and instructions via Petit Poulou

Cast of Animal Hand Puppets

Another great gift idea for little babies right on into toddler-hood!
Get the trio via Nhocchi

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