Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Yarn Winder

First I have to give thanks to my mother for getting me this wonderful tool...  LOVE IT.  It is hand made by Strauch FIber Equipment Cos..  Constructed, with love, out of wood.  I have the Jumbo which will wind a center pull ball up to 1lb of yarn with ease.  I know that there are cheaper plastic models out there and some claim that they are just as good as this one or the dreaded “good enough.”  I am one of those people who only wants to buy things ONCE and would much rather spend a little more to have a quality item.  Again, thanks to mom, she made this possible.

There aren’t any gears for the yarn to get caught in, nothing to oil, doesn’t shake or, make noise.  It just works and works beautifully!  I had the delight of speaking to Mr. Strauch and he is such a wonderful man.  They forgot to put my bracket in the box with all the Holiday rush.  Not only did he return my phone call promptly he apologized and was so sweet.  He said that he would put it in the mail and I would have it before Christmas.  Mind you Christmas was in 3 days.  Well he did just that and I had it when he promised.  I have been winding ever since. 

So, if you are pondering a yarn ball winder and are on the fence about spending a little extra to get this winder, I say DO IT!   Well worth the extra money. Think of all the aggravation you will save yourself in the long run not to mention the time.

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