Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pimlico Shrug: a.k.a The BEAST

Okay, now I know why so many knitters called this project “The Beast.”  It looks so beautiful in the picture and simple to knit.  However, I have been knitting this project on and off for months and I finally finished the body along with one arm last night.  I should be done with the arms by tomorrow and then the ribbing begins!  I have to admit this is boring.  The stitch is easy but not at all interesting.  I hope that I end up loving this garment when it’s finished.  A pure labor of love on my part.  I hate boring projects and tend to shelve them for months on end doing a little here and there until it’s complete.  Many knitters have felt the same way about this shrug and I hope I feel it was all worth it in the end.
     I decided to shorten it to 30” rather than the 35” the pattern called for because many people thought it was just to long.  I hope that I did the right thing here.  A bit nervous after all of the work I put into this thing. A little guessing but a lot of time.  I have not taken any pictures yet.  Wish me luck!!

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