Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well I finally got my “yardage counter” in the mail this week.  So, this weekend I decided to make the base to hold it.  I got this idea off of Knit Picks.  A site that I love to shop at but has some high prices to go along with there much wanted gadgets.  My brain starting clicking-How can I make this cheaper???  (This EXACT gadget goes for $49.99 on their site)  The search was on. 
As discussed previously on my blog, I found a site with this very idea. Mind you that I am quite handy and own my very own table saw.  Having the right tools make every job easier and more enjoyable.  Down in my shop I went.  Fortunately, we are installing a new front deck at my house (Thank you Michael, (he’s my brother)) and had some scrap 2x10’s laying around.  So, I measured it out, cut it on my table saw, screwed it together and sanded it down.  It took my about 15 minutes from start to finish.  Total price $15, just the cost for the counter itself.  It works perfectly.  I am so excited.

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