Friday, February 19, 2010

Barbara Walker

I recently discovered Barbara Walker and her 4 Treasury Books.  I don't know how I missed this series of books but I am so glad that found them.   They are truly a treasure.  Although the pictures are less than desirable and do not show the beauty that each stitch holds, they are a MUST have for any knitting library.  Each is  packed with just about every stitch imaginable - from the basic knits and purls to the most complicated cable.

To say the least my creative juices are flowing.  Pictures are floating through my head at lightening speed.  My problem now is what to knit first?  I have often searched for books such as these and I have a few but none compare to this library.  I am so excited!   They are a bright light in what has been a very dismal day.

Knitting is my therapy and I thank God everyday that I found this simple slightly lost treasure.  It keeps me sane and drowns out all of the chaos that is life.

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