Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where I live...

It's quiet this time of year.  The town empties just after Labor Day.  The summer owners lock up there houses and go home for the long winter leaving the locals with a quiet, peaceful & beautiful living.

My friend came for a visit this weekend and we decided to spend some quality time taking pictures of some of the beautiful places.  We both enjoy taking pictures.  It was a great day!  No schedules, no agenda just 2 best friends enjoying our time together.   We had such a good time we are planning on continuing this activity every week.  I am so excited!

I thought I would share a few of the pictures that I took during our afternoon together.


  1. Love, Love, Love your BLOG!!

  2. You have a BEAUTIFUL blog, I love people with a passion... and your knitting is so inspirational and I can see your spirit through it... How wonderful to find something that you love so much! My Mom and sister love to knit,I shared your blog with them as well. I started a blog 14 months ago, keep it up!!!

  3. I think this was the lighthouse we skipped trying to hike up in the lighthouse challenge, due to the rain. It's a beautiful light!