Monday, January 3, 2011

New Pillow Sham Designs

Today I unveiled my first set of new pillow shams for 2011.   I  just love these shams.  They started out as a custom order for a restaurant but I have to tell you I really did not want to let them go.  I am, actually, going to be making these for my own home but in different colors.

Each pillow is fully lined inside and out.   The wool that I choose was top quality and it shows in each of them.  I installed a zipper closure which I have to say that I prefer.  However, installing zippers on shams without a lining is not preferable due to the movement in the yarn.

These shams will last for years and are very well made (patting self on the back).   They were a labor of love and without help from my mother these would not have been posssible.  Thanks mom!!!  Her knowledge and patience is bar none.  Patience is something that I have yet to learn but I'm trying.  As I was pulling my hair out when our sewing machines were not cooperating (yes, both machines) she sat there patient and calm working on the problem.  I took note and a deep breath and carried on.  After many hours, lots of coffee and patience they were complete.

Here is the result- what do you think?

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