Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolutions - Nope

Every year, like many of you, I make resolutions.  I try my best to stick to them but it usually does't end up as I had planned.  Then the next year  the same thing occurs and it's a vicious cycle.  So, this year I have decided not to make any resolutions BUT I am making some plans or a "things to do" list.  So, this is what I would like to get accomplished in 2011:

  1. Create a craft room.  My knitting has basically taken over the house.  I have yarn, books and notions hidden all over the place and I never seem to remember which one of the "I'll remember that I put it there" spots to look first.  If I have everything in one organized room it will make my life easier & my husband happy.
  2. To be better prepared for each Holiday.  I need to get on the retail cycle for Holidays which means that in a couple of months I should be working on Christmas.  Yes, Christmas.  Magazines and retail are always months and months ahead.
  3. Build up stock.  This is a real challenge for me.  I never seem to have enough stock on hand.  As soon as I make it it's gone.   Don't get me wrong I am very happy that things are selling but I want to be ahead.  I get it from my parents - they're the ultimate planners.    It's such a wonderful feeling to walk into your "stock room" and pick the sold item off of your shelf, package it up and send it out.  It does happen but not often enough.  
  4. To make some things for me.  I knit everyday this year.  Yes, everyday and not once did I make something for me.   I am a knitter with out gloves, sweaters, wraps, shawls, hats, etc.  It's pretty sad.  I just keep pushing me aside and I think that's why I got so burned out at the end of the year.  I forgot about me.  I am moving up in the ranks this year and vow to make ME a few things on my want list.
So that's my plan for 2011.  It simple and to the point.  Wish me luck & Happy New Year to all!

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