Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fair Isle

Yikes!   It's been forever since I posted.  Oh well, I have been busy enjoying my summer and I hope that you have too!

Still knitting along and in the mood to try a new technique - Fair Isle.   I have always loved all the colors in  fair isle but it looks so complicated.  Simply, I just wasn't in the mood but now I am hungry for a challenge.  I picked a rather easy cowl to start my journey.  I choose Lion Brand Amazing for it's beautiful color ways and easy availability.

I would love to try it with Noro but I decided it was a good idea to start with a more budget friendly yarn.  I mean, who knows if I am even going to like it.  I like to conquer the skill the first time which is quite a challenge and I tend to get discouraged if it takes me longer than I had hoped.  I know that it's unrealistic but it's me.  I am stubborn.

Now, I am going to rush through the last part of my Christmas stocking so I can whip out my circulars tonight and start the knit.   I can't wait.  I am really excited to get going and see how these colors bloom into totally fabulousness!!!

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