Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"An Awesome Book" by Dallas Clayton

I was watching Joaquin Phoenix's documentary/film called "I'm Still Here" last night.
At one point in the movie he read the passage you see below from a book called "An Awesome Book" by Dallas Clayton.  I love it so much that I decided to share it.  Clayton writes children's books and each is just fantastic!  You can pre-order it HERE (click here)

There are places in the world where dreams are almost dead
So, please my child do keep in mind before you go to bed…
To dream a dream as big could ever dream to be
Then dream a dream 10 times as big as that one dream you see
Then once you’ve got that dream in mind please dream a million more
And not a million quiet dreams, a million dreams that roar
A million dreams so loud they scream, so loud they sing and shout!
So super huge they say “hey world guess what I’m dreamin’ about”
“I’m dreaming about everything that no one thought to wonder
dreams so big that they’ve got dreams and they’ve got dreams up under!”
Please dream for those who’ve given up, for those who’ve never tried
Please use your dreams to make new dreams for all the dreams that died
‘cause you’re the one whose dreams can be whatever dreams you want
Whose dreams can change the way things are and the way that things are not
And if they say that all your dreams are too big to come true,
You tell them that I told you….“That’s what dreams are meant to do!”
They’re meant to make you seem as if you don’t know up from down
Because dreams are dreams and that’s why dreams are worth having around!
So when you think your dreaming’s done just remember what I said
“Close your eyes my child and dream that perfect dream inside your head”
This is an excerpt from 

"An Awsome Book" by
  Dallas Clayton

An Awesome Book!

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