Sunday, May 20, 2012

On a side note...

I love to garden.  In the past few years it has sort of falling by the way side.  However, I started this season gun ho.   I grew some veggies by seed which I have not done before - carrots (2 varieties), bush beans, water melon and the all famous cucumbers.  I only grew a hand full of each but realized that was even that was too many.  How many cucumbers can two souls eat??   So, I gave some away to friends and family.

I also planted bib, red and romaine lettuce, red and sweet onions, heirloom tomatoes (7 varieties), heirloom and regular eggplant, sugar snap peas, broccoli, garlic, horseradish and the standard herbs - basil, flat leaf parsley, chives, Sweet mint, chocolate mint and greek oregano.  Gosh this sounds like a lot once I typed it all out!

So far, so good.  My hubby and I built 2 raised garden beds to house these veggies but after watching my yard this week I realized that it is not sunny enough.  I have A LOT of trees in my yard, which for a gardener, is VERY annoying.   My sunny space is extremely limited at the moment.  At some point we are going to have more trees cut down but that's not in our cards yet. I broke thew news last night that we have to move them.  Hubby laughed at me but we are moving them.  He's such a good sport!

I also made 5 flower boxes for my deck railings this year.  I love the way flowers travel down deck rails.  Right now they are housing my lettuce which is growing fast and furious!

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