Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rams and Yowes

This is my next project on my needles.  What another knit for me?   You betcha!  I ran across this pattern on, of all things, Pinterest.  Someone flagged a pair of socks that were inspired by this pattern. (I'll make those too someday - see below pic)

This gorgeous lap blanket is knit using the fair isle technique.  I have knit fair isle before but this blanket calls for a steek which I have yet to try.

       A steek enables you to knit your project in the round.  Usually you knit the steek in a checkerboard pattern so it can be easily identified.  Once the project is finished you reinforce either side of the steek using crochet.  And then, this is the scary part for knitters, you CUT your finished project right up the middle of the steek.  Steam the steeks, so the yarn blooms, then fold over the steek to make a neat edge and then sew the edges down.

Fair isle is meant to be knit in the round.  (I love knitting in the round, um pillows, sweaters, everything and if the pattern doesn't call for that I have been known to modify it so I CAN knit it in the round) Yeah I know crazy but less ends to weave in and when you are done you are done.  No seaming.

This lap blanket is a little too dark for my liking so I chose light blue for the backing and Noro Sock yarn for the rest.   Noro, which has lovely color ways, is always scratchy but I am going to give it a whirl.

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