Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peach Cobbler

I LOVE peach cobbler.  There is just something about it that screams comfort food.   I mean what's not to love - fresh warm summer peaches, sugar, crumble topping and vanilla ice cream.  Yum!!!!

So, today I am going to try a recipe I found on Pinterest last night.   The three that I loved, in no particular order are from:

 I know that it's not a traditional cobbler per se BUT they are a new twist on an old favorite & they sound delicious and I also love cupcakes (hubby too!).

Easy recipe and I have all the ingredients already. Never tried it with milk before.  I like to try new things.

She sounds like she has been searching for the perfect peach cobbler recipe and so am I!  The topping which happens to be a favorite of mine sounded particularly good.

And the winner is.....

Go to her website for the full recipe....

Here is the picture before I baked it.  Yum!!   It turned out delicious and I will certainly be baking this recipe again!

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