Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Allium Fingerless Gloves Pattern

I have a few new patterns that I will be releasing this year and I'm really excited to share my new Allium Fingerless Gloves pattern with you.  It has just emerged from the testing process and it's ready to go.  So without further adeu, drum roll please lol

 What do you think?  

I just love them!  I know I'm biased but they are too cute!  How did I come up with this design, you ask?  During a particularly long and brutally cold winter, I needed something to remind me that it's almost over.  These gloves were inspired by ont of my favorite flowers - Allium.

They are from the onion family and the garlic family.   They bloom in late Spring and each bloom lasts for weeks.  Easy to care for and very undemanding what's not to love?  They are the perfect shade of purple and round in shape.  Adorable and beautiful and I cant get enough.  Okay back to the pattern

I tried a new yarn for me, Spud & Chole Fine.  I have been drooling over their yarns for quite some time but it's spendy, at least for me.  However, my good friends at Jimmy Beans wool added this yarn to their Wool Watcher which allowed me to try a skein or 2.  Loving the copper color and the stitch definition of this yarn.  The gloves are long and the Allium design carries from cuff to cuff with a plain stockinette stitch on the bottom.   The pattern is written and contains helpful links to stretchy BO's and CO's.  I think an advanced beginner could conquer these in no time.  The pattern is easy to memorize and once you get going they are quite fast to knit.  Only requiring 200 yards of fingering weight yarn and who doesn't have that lying around.  Here is the link to the pattern just in case you want to knit yourself a pair Allium Link

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