Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scalloped Shell Scarf

I originally was making this for myself but once my grandmother saw it I knew that it had to be hers.  Her birthday is in February so it was meant to be.  It’s her favorite color and she LOVES shells. 

I thought that this was going to be quite simple to knit up but I was wrong.   It is not that the pattern is difficult because it isn’t..  I just had some trouble finding my place once I took a break.  I did the classic “oh, I’ll remember where I left off”  WRONG!  I had to rip it out a few times to correct my mistakes.  The yarn is wonderful to work with.  So soft and smooth as I knit with it.  I will certainly be using it again.  I followed the pattern to the T but I dod change how I joined to two together.  I decided to to a 3 needle bind off in stead of the whip stitch it suggested.  I think it came out great and I can’t wait to give it to Grams.  I hope she loves it!

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