Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Designing Knitwear

Lately, I have been working on some new designs for winter and I have to tell you that I am really enjoying the process,for the most part.  The one aspect that I always find difficult is transferring what is in my head that I have already knit onto paper.  You might think that this is the easy part since the object is already complete and it you have knit it before - well, for me, that's a big fat NO.

Last night I am on the couch, my usual spot, with all of my books spread all over the place.  A notebook, a pencil, yarn, tape measure, scissors, the finished product and I am knitting the same thing over again trying to drain my head of all its thoughts.  I would knit, frog back, knit again, write something down, then reknit and make some more notes, correct something else. I was driving myself nuts.  My husband looks over and asks "are you okay over there?"  I explain, he nods his head having no idea what I am talking about and I continue.  It is our normal process when I am designing.  Can you believe that I can actually enjoy this process?  Don't worry I think I am nuts already!

Which brings me to Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I have always been a fan.  Her work is amazing and then it hit me.  After all my years of knitting I never got it until now.  I have always been a very cautious person.  I could hear her in my head "will you just knit the damn thing already!"  I started  laughing. (Husband looks over completely puzzled wondering if he should laugh or call the looney bin)

Now I understand knitter's when they say trust your instincts and just knit. If it looks wrong there is a good chance that it is wrong.  You don't always have to use a pattern and it is okay to change the pattern.  Yes, that's right it is okay to change the pattern and to knit without one.  I think the last part comes with confidence.  The longer you knit the more confidence you have in yourself and your abilities.  Of course, there is always that truly gutsy person who can do this from the start, I however, am not one of them.

This was such a freeing moment for me.  An Ah Ha moment as Oprah would say.  So, for all you crafty people out there like me who are hesitant to break the rules - Break them!!  Never look back.  It's fun and it's exciting!  GO forth and try something new.  Who knows it may turn into something spectacular.

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