Friday, May 10, 2013

Etsy Forums...

       As I mentioned in my previous post I have been lurking around and sometimes posting to the Etsy forums.  It is a great place filled with wonderfully knowledgable Etsians sellers and buyers alike.   They tell it like it is so be prepared...Most, are by far, there to help you, offer advice, suggestions, and opinions.  They are witty, to the point and honest.

      Here are a few tips just in case the forums scare you....

  1. Search for the topic in forums BEFORE you post.

2. Do NOT post questions if your shop has trademarked or copyrighted goods, titles or tags.  They are never permitted never ever ever (unless you purchased a license which then should be displayed in your shop)
3. Make sure you are not a reseller or appear to be one.
4. No calling out is permitted of ANY kind buyer or seller
5. Read the TOU's (Terms of Use)
That's about it. 

     I have learned SO MUCH from them just lurking around.  I discovered the prototypes teams which are available to any etsy seller to join..  Changes to search, relevancy, google analytics and tests Etsy runs without notice. (SO annoying).  Do you have an idea?  Post in in the idea's thread.  Have a question about how something works?  Ask them.  Found a bug?  Go to the bugs thread..  Great right??

    If you need a laugh find the latest copyright or trademark thread.   It's most enjoyable.   I was rolling on the floor laughing my @ss off last night.  I was literally crying from laughter (hubby was too!!).  It's been a long while since that has happened to me.  So thank you Estians for the most enjoyable read yesterday.   I've got my wine, popcorn and dinner standing by for Etsy's latest & greatest  "You are not allowed thread"

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