Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ever have one of those weeks???

Well I guess it's my turn this week.   It seems like everything is breaking around me.  Monday my car decided to stop running well... It's now parked in the driveway waiting for repair.  Great.

Yesterday the air conditioning upstairs would go on but blew warm air and my compressor was not running... Seriously!!!  I am having company on Thursday and they will be bunking upstairs.  It's about 89 degrees up there.

Then I wake up this morning and there is water all over my kitchen floor.  I cleaned it up & continued rushing around my house trying to get it all clean in time for our company.  So, I went to the sink to put some dishes in it and there was another HUGE puddle of water on the floor and at the same time I feel a drop of water on my head.   I look up and there is water leaking from my recessed lights!!!

This is totally NOT COOL....   I mean three serious repairs three days in a row!!   Seriously, this can NOT be happening..

The one bright spot is that my brother is a plumber and an HVAC guy.  However, he is SOOOO busy tying up his own ends and is leaving for a much deserved and much needed vacation.  He's leaving on Thursday night....

I can't wait to see what Thursday brings....  

Please o please house stop breaking around me!!!!

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