Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Half way done...

I'm half way done with my new pair of socks.  I am so obsessed with purples lately.  As you can see, I prefer ankle socks and I usually get 2 pair from one skein.  Yeah!  It's a simple mindless pattern which is great for knitting on the go or, if you are like me, knitting while listening to tv. Lol

Lots of new goodies will be rolling out very soon.  Today, much to my surprise, my picture session went better than ever.  I have no idea why it went so well today but I don't care. Im just thankful!  

This year my mother is making the most adorable Christmas ornaments for my shop. I can't wait to share them.  They are soooooo adorable and PERFECT gifts for knitters.  You must pick up a few!!

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