Thursday, August 22, 2013

The PERFECT Christmas Gift for Knitters

Have you ever searched for the perfect gift for knitters?  Lost because you are not a knitter but a close friend or family member is & you're not sure what to buy?  Well today is your lucky day (thanks to my very talented and crafty mom!)

Today is the 22nd of August and 22 is my mom's lucky number.  So, naturally, it's the perfect day to  introduce my NEW Christmas Ornaments for 2013.  I know, I know they are too cute for words!
I will be releasing a different version everyday until you've seen them all.

Each ornament is completely handmade one at a time and no two are exactly the same.  Each sheep is  unique and you just can't have one.  You have to get them for all your knitterly friends too!

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