Friday, August 23, 2013

Adorable Christmas Ornaments Day Two

Here's the next adorable sheep variation!  I forgot to mention that there will be a string to hang each one on the tree but they do stand alone too!  Look at that tiny bell-cute right?

On another note, I finished my dog sweater the other day and I just have to take some pictures of Geddy Lee in it.  I am hoping he will co-operate with my photo shoot!  Overall I like the pattern but I would make a few changes for sizing.  Since the pattern owner had a 4 lb. chi and I had a 6 lb., I decided to make the small medium but I was wrong.  I should have made the small.
I'll go into more detail once I take some pictures.  

Usually, I like to have only one project going at once but lately I've got at least 3.  Lol.  Last night I worked on my second sock.  I am sure that I will finish it tonight as I  only have 1.5" in length to knit before I start the toe.

This afternoon I will be working on a new Christmas Stocking pattern.  It's adorable and classic.  I did have them last year but I really need to formally take pictures.  So, that's what's on my knitting agenda for today.

What's been on your needles lately?

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