Monday, October 21, 2013

A Better Way to Peel a Head of Garlic

I am a prolific Pinterest user.  I love it maybe a little too much! Lol.  I often find myself jumping on for a second to find a recipe or cleaning tip but when I look 2 hours have gone by.  Has this happened to you?

Last week I found this great tip on Pinterest and I'd thought I'd share it with you too!  I love when someone passing on a good tip that actually works and is easy too.

My husband made gravy this weekend (spaghetti sauce).  Yum!  It's one of two dishes he makes at home now that I took over cooking some years ago.  I've tried to make it myself but it's never as good as his.  So anyway, he hates to peel and chop garlic.  Hates it!  I always volunteer to do it for him which works well for both of us.   Enter great cooking tip.

This tip comes from Martha Stewart.  I know, I know, some love and some hate her and I am somewhere in the middle.  I take what I need and move on.  This video will show you how to peek a whole head of garlic in a matter of seconds.  Yup, seconds and IT WORKS.  I tried it on Saturday.

I used two cereal bowls  as I do not have the fabulous and light metal bowls.

Here's the video

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