Friday, March 14, 2014

Hellooo Hiya Hiya

Yesterday the Hiya Hiya needle I ordered off eBay were delivered. Yeah!  It's a US sz 9 in 24" length with the longer tips which are 5." Of course, I switched the needles on my current project so I could test them right away.

I really like these too!  They had nice pointy tips and the yarn glided so smoothly across the needle.  This finish is just like the metal Knit Picks I am currently using & used to.  The one drawback that I noticed was the cord.  It was not as flexible as the Chiaogoo and it wants to twist in a circle.  The Chiaogoo wires are more robust and lack the tendency to curl. I found myself missing the swishing sound the Chiaogoo needles make as I knit.  I also think that they are a tad bit pointier but that could be me.

I really wish more yarn stores around my area had needle tastings and there is only one who carries the brands I am currently contemplating.   I don't want to have buyers regret.  I am leaning towards the Chiaogoo needles but I am really concerned that I may be one of those knitters who twists while they knit causing the cord to unscrew from the needle.  There is no way of finding this out unless I have the time to knit a few projects with them.  Ughh.

At this point I am no closer to making a decision.   The Chiaogoo retail for $95 and the Hiya Hiya for $85.  These are not cheap needles by any means.  The price is also making this decision a hard one for me.  I know these are an investment and I will use these daily as I knit for hours everyday.  So, I think I need to pause and let some time pass.  Hopefully, that will help me come to a decision.

Until then.  Knit on my fellow friends.

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