Saturday, March 22, 2014

They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Img_8950_small2My Chaiogoo's are here.  I have been waiting patiently all week.  Ok not really but who cares.  They are here now.  I can NOT wait to give them a try.  I am still working on this Lin Lin Shawl
and I have just about ran out of room on my fixed circs from Hiya Hiya.  So, instead of switching them back on my Knit Picks I waited until my new Chiaogoo's came to work on it again.

Right out of the bag they look fabulous!  The bag alone is eons better than Knit Picks and their crappy plastic case which looks like its from the dollar store.  Chi's came with stitch markers and needle gauge along with the cords, and tightening devices.   Leaps and bounds more for my money than the Knit Picks (sorry Knit Picks).  The needles have all been engraved with their sizes (KP doesn't do this either, SO annoying)  Mind you I have the old version of Knit Picks not the ones from China and I paid LESS for the Knit Picks that these Chaiogoo's because I found them on sale.. Yes, I did say ON SALE!!!!!

So off I go to give them a whirl...Merry Christmas to me in March!

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