Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Out of Control

There are 2 kinds of knitters out there.
 - the kind who only purchase yarns for the project at hand(I envy these knitters with self control)
- the kind who buys yarn just because it's pretty, smooshy, soft, yummy, or insert your favorite (excuse, I mean) adjective here_____________.

I am the latter.  Now, I always knew that I was this kind of a knitter and I have watched my stash grow over the years. I mean, I have a million patterns that I want to knit either for myself, gifts or just to learn a new technique and I also have a knitting business which I have used to justify my yarn hoard.  Why am I bringing this up now, you ask?  Well I will tell you, my friends.

About a month ago, I found this thread on Ravelry called "Flash Your Stash!"  Once a year, usually around January, these knitters remove their stash from their respected hiding places, take a few pictures and share them in the forum.  Knitter's call this yarn porn.  We all oohh and ahhh at home as we envy each other's stash.   Great fun, really.  It got me thinking about my own stash.  The mear thought of having to get out all of my yarn and face what I actually have on hand scares me to death.  It really does.  This kind of in your face confession is just not my thing.  As hard as it is, I'm doing it anyway.  

As the weather warms, my orders slow down and I have a moment to catch my breath, work on my shop, create new designs or knit something for myself.  I have also decided to add to my downtime by taking this one step further and reorganize my stash. So, I am entering every skein of yarn that I own in Ravelry, as well as, photographing each yarn with the hopes of being, well, organized.  (I'm a Virgo ya know)

I thought this may take 2 weeks or so to complete and boy was I wrong.  This may take me the whole summer.  I've worked on it daily for a few days now and I haven't made a single dent. Not a dent. Not a dimple. Nothing.   Needless to say I'm on a yarn FAST not a diet a FAST.  It's out of control.  My queensize bed upstairs is covered in yarn and I have only emptied and entered (2) 14" x 14" cubes.  (I have a yarn room upstairs)  Total insanity.

I realize now I'm in denial, well was in denial.  Deep denial.  Time to knit down this hoard into something manageable, give away what I will never use and sell what I do not want.    

When I'm finished, I am going to take pictures and share them on the thread and here as well.  I just can't promise when because it's going to be a loooong while from now.

"Hello my name is Lindsey, I am a yarn-o-holic & I need help."  

Until next time knitterly friends.....

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