Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Relaxing Day with Yarn

I am still going strong with inventoring all my yarn but I am still no where near done.  This week I unraveled, washed and dryed all of my sweaters that I plan to use some day.   A few will find their way back to the thrift store but that's a good thing.   I can now see the back of some of my bins, Yeah!

I finished knitting my newly designed shawl and I love it.  I will be releasing the pattern in the next week or so.  It's lightweight and perfect for the cooler summer nights ahead.  I decided to make it with recycled cashmere - soft with a little bit of luxury.  

I've also casted on for my first KAL (knit-a-long) ever.   It's been great fun so far.  I'm knitting a lightweight linen boyfriend type sweater and here is the pattern link :

I'm using Shibui Linen in a plum color and a recycled linen in light gray.  I love the color combination.

I've worked on it bit today and I'm almost done knitting the right shoulder.   I decided to knit outside, it's just gorgeous here in southern NJ.  The sun is out, the vacationers are here and I'm quietly knitting along to the hums of birds and busy neighbors working in their yards.  Really relaxing and loving every minute.  I hope you fin yourself some quite time to do what you love best this weekend.

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