Friday, June 6, 2014

Another Basket of Yarn

Yup another basket of yarn heading to the sorting space  for my 2014 Flash Your Stash thread.  I did this all yesterday and as you can see I am determined to finish this task!

For the first time ever, I am juggling 4 wip's at the same time.  It happened all the sudden kind of sort of.  I am trying to have a pair of socks going at all times since they are portable, fun and just plain addicting.  I'm on my, I think, 8 th pair and trying to branch out and hone my new skillz.  I'm just about done with my second sock.   (no SSS here, yet)

I am also, in an attempt to whiddle down my stash, testing patterns for fellow knitters. Right now I have a nice basic scarflet in progress & it's knitting up nicely with the skein of pink Tosh yarn I won from a blog.  Pink is not favorite color of mine to wear so, I will probbly be gifting this to some lucky family member or friend.


I also have a nice light summer cardi/shirt which is knitting up beautifully, if I may add.  Top down with optional 3/4 sleeve.  Knit in shibui linen in a dark purple and some gray recycled linen that's been hanging around waiting for the perfect project.  No picures yet but soon.

Finally, I have a Steven West Spectra scarf that's been on my needles forever and I just, well, am sick of it really.  It's not completely frogged yet but it's looking like it might be for a while.

That's it for now knitterly friends!

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