Monday, June 23, 2014

Fish Lips Kiss Heel....


I always detested the (sl 1, k1) heel technique.  Picking up sts along the gusset and the forever count down back to your original sts count.   It's long and it's boring, at least to me and I find it easy to say good riddance!!

I'm on a sock kick right now (I've knit 3 pairs already in the last month)  trying to hone my sock skills and learn some new techniques.  I came across this Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern in the Ravelry forums in a post called something like "best patterns worth paying for."  This pattern was mentioned quite a bit, so, I went to check it out.  It's a BUCK.  Yes, only $1 and it's the best dollar I've spent recently.

I know there are quite a few heel turning options out there and I have only tried a few.  However, I am not sure I'll ever try them after learning this technique.  No counting, no holes, uses less yarn, less time, easy to remember and perfect every time.  It also works for all toe up socks or top down socks.  Really, what more can you ask for?

So, run to ravelry  not walk and look up the FLKH and buy it now.  It's worth every penny.

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