Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Knit for Moi.

After yesterday's debacle, I decided last night to give designing a rest for a couple of days.  I need my mind to clear and then start anew.   However, since I was not in a great mood last night I decided to go all out rebel with my next project - Aise.

Gorgeous right?  Yeah, I know.  While this pattern is right up my alley design wise, it's completely opposite of what I normally knit.  First, I'm making it in HOT pink cashmere people.  HOT pink.  I hate pink.  I don't wear it, I hate to knit with it but it came with 3 cones of gray which I do love.   

Next, it's lace.  My last lace project landed in the trash.  Yes, I said it, I threw the damn thing out which I never did before or since.  It was a tangled mess and every time I saw it I wanted to cringe.   So out it went.  You also need really pointy tips to knit anything lace.  My last lace project was attempted with Knit Picks aluminum which were not pointy at all and they failed big time.  Each stitch was a pain to pick up.  Now I have my Red Lace Chi's which are much pointier.

Finally, knitting lace is akin to knitting dental floss or thread with 2 number 2 pencils.   Completely slow and very frustrating.  The yarn is so thin, sometimes it splits and I tend to make more mistakes than usual.  These mistakes are not so easy to fix and are easily noticed.  Sigh.  

So there you have it.  I am going against all my normal knitting instincts and so far so good.  I'm really enjoying it so far.  It's simple and mindless. It keeps my attention just enough because I have to concentrate on not messing up.

Have you ever knit something out of your knitting box?  I'd love to hear your stories.

Knit on with confidence my friends.  Knit on!

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