Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Couldn't Resist.....

 Yes, yes, I know that it's still August but I just couldn't resist posting my new Christmas Stockings.  There are still more designs to come so this is just a little preview until then.

Most of my stockings are knit with recycled yarn.  Brushed off an discarded sweaters now have a new purpose.  All of the yarn has been washed dried and re-knit into anything I can think of.   So, please know, that the supplies are limited as I rarely find the same sweater twice.  Once they are gone that's it.  Get 'em now there is no time to wait and think.

Each stocking is large in size because I love large stockings.  The blue stocking is knit with Merino/Cotton blend.  The striped is all cotton, the white is Merino/Alpaca, and the solid red is alpaca as well.  So gorgeous and ready to go.


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